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Amber Holmes
2015 Youth of the Year

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There's still time for YOU to change a child's life

Dear Friend of Youth,

On June 11, 1954, we embarked on an amazing journey---and today, we can proudly acknowledge our work as an organization and as a community, knowing that together we have made a difference for tens of thousands of youth during critical moments in their lives. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme have served the kids who need us most for sixty years—and we ask that you help us serve them for sixty more. Together, we are the great equalizer for these children; all children deserve a great future!

As our youth head back to school, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme want to ensure there is a focus on out of school time. What happens during these hours can significantly impact a child’s path. For example, nearly one-third of all violent crime committed by juvenile offenders occurs during afterschool hours. By providing access to positive and productive afterschool and summer programs, we can help reverse the most negative trends facing our youth.

Year after year, we have continued to provide a safe, supervised, and fun environment for kids and teens when school is not in session. We weave a broad web of support—with engaging programs, supportive mentors, caring volunteers, and a variety of resources, aimed at helping our young people achieve their personal best.

Last week we proudly shared with you some of our remarkable accomplishments! Looking ahead, our members can participate in a variety of programming, and gain the knowledge and skills they need to help them be successful in school—and ultimately in life. This year we are offering more math, science and language programs. We plan to add additional staff to provide more individualized tutoring, and we have workshops scheduled for our teens that emphasize personal growth and goal setting. Whether attending our clubhouses, teen center, public housing branch, school sites, or the juvenile justice center clubhouse, youth are engaged in programs that are holistic and empowering, giving them a rich sense of self and options to lead them on a path to a GREAT FUTURE.

We incorporate academic programs and experiences to help ensure that our members are prepared for the school year! There is a very disturbing trend here in Ventura County, only 26 percent of economically disadvantaged kids in the third grade score proficient or above in English on state tests, compared to 66 percent of non-economically disadvantaged kids ( kids data.org). That is a 40 percent skills gap. The good news: there is something being done about this. When school is out BGCOP is in --lessening this growing achievement gap by providing enriching academic programs and much more, all for only $20 a year! Our kids are proven to have great results, 96 percent of our kids graduate from high school (Damooei economic impact study 2010).

There are 72,000 kids between the ages of 6-18 in Oxnard and Port Hueneme; we are currently serving 9,000. Our mission is “to inspire and enable all youth, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential, as productive, responsible and caring citizens”. We need your help to serve more kids and lessen these startling achievement gaps; these gaps have a long lasting economic impact on our communities. For every dollar invested in our clubs, there is a $17 return on investment. There is no better investment than that for our Kids!!

As we wave goodbye to the long days of summer, we welcome fall and the start of a new school year --full of hope, excitement, and promise for our young people. Each day when the school bell rings, our doors open to serve the youth in our community who need us the most. While opportunities to play sports, socialize with friends, and engage in outdoor activities are part of the everyday fun at the Club, we work to help our members achieve Academic Success, develop Good Character and Citizenship, and engage in Heathy Lifestyles.

The cost to offer our members engaging experiences that emphasize academics and positive social skills is just $20 a year; however, the cost to us is over $500 per youth. Over the years, the philanthropic commitment of the community has made a difference for our organization, and individually touched the lives of our members who needed the safety of our clubhouses, the encouragement from our staff, and the fellowship of their peers.

We have a lot to celebrate here at the Boys & Girls Club, and together we are making a difference! We are looking forward to another sixty years of creating new beginnings and bright futures for the youth in our community who need us the most.

We ask you today for a gift of your capacity, knowing that you are helping the young people in our community set and reach their goals. Every child deserves a GREAT future!

On behalf of successful futures for youth,

Erin Reardon Antrim

Chief Executive Officer

Your generous donations provide the support our club depends on to serve the youth of our community.

Thank you for helping to create The Positive Place For Kids!!

Dr. Damooei, Economic Chair of California Lutheran University, conducted an economic impact study on money the community saves by investing in children through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oxnard and Port Hueneme. The results of his study were released with dramatic findings: For every dollar spent at the Club, four dollars are saved, a 400 percent return on investment. For every $1 involved there is a $17 Return on Investment. Learn More...

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme is committed to maintaining the highest standards in transparency, accountability and stewardship of all funds, including grants, contracts and donor-directed contributions. Our finances are thoroughly reviewed monthly by an audit committee, executive committee and our full board of directors. BGCOP undergoes an annual audit, and changes auditors every three years. All of this is to ensure our organization’s prudent use of resources in achieving our mission to serve our community’s youth.
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